Raising Environmental Awareness on a Royal Scale

The coronation of King Charles III at the weekend was a historic and spectacular celebration with the theme of the event largely centred around celebrating the natural world, reflecting King Charles’ longstanding commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. King Charles III has been a vocal advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability for many years and has spoken about the need to protect the natural world and inspire others to take action to protect the environment.

Generating awareness on a global scale has seen many companies moving towards environmentally responsible practices including in the maritime industry. Oil and gas exploration, drilling, windfarm activities and marine transportation can have a significant impact on the natural environment as their operations take place in some of the most sensitive and vulnerable environments on the planet. Increasingly, companies operating in this field are pledging their commitments to sustainability, reducing environmental footprints and minimising damage to the environment.

How can EMS Assist?

We are proud to work with some of the best environmental professionals in the world who have dedicated their life’s work to environmental conservation and sustainability. Our environmental professionals include expert PAM Operators (PAM), Marine Mammal Observers (MMO), Marine Environmental Scientists and Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO) who can be deployed to our client’s worksites anywhere in the world to assist in minimising negative environmental impacts of the operation.


Here are just some areas where our experts are making a difference:


Environmental Impact Assessment – Our environmental personnel play a critical role in the EIA process, which is designed to assess the potential environmental impacts of offshore activities and identify measures to mitigate those impacts.

Environmental Monitoring – Our environmental personnel conduct environmental monitoring to assess the impact of offshore activities on the environment including marine life, habitats and water quality. They collect data and use it to identify trends and inform decision making.

Mitigation – Our environmental personnel develop and implement mitigation measures to minimise the impact of offshore operations on the natural environment. This may include waste management initiatives and monitoring the presence and behaviour of marine mammals in the vicinity of the operation.

Raising Environmental Awareness at the Worksite – Our environmental personnel can be instrumental in raising environmental awareness at the worksite. Having a knowledgeable expert in the field can be an invaluable source of information for the workforce.

Compliance with Environmental Guidelines and Regulations – Our environmental professionals will ensure that environmental guidelines for the area of operation are followed and will ensure compliance with relevant environmental regulations.


Despite the challenges of offshore work, all of our environmental personnel are dedicated to protecting the natural environment offshore. Their expertise and commitment are essential to ensuring that offshore operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner that minimises impact on marine ecosystems.

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