EMS Insights – Why are Skilled First Aid Teams Critical to Emergency Response Offshore?

Emergency preparedness is a key element in any effective offshore medical service and in the event of an emergency, having a well-trained first aid team to support the offshore medic is essential to protect lives.

EMS Assist medics take a lead role in selecting and training their first aid teams. A solid first aid team will consist of individuals who are committed to safety, have a good understanding of the risks and challenges of their worksite and be willing to undergo rigorous training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.


Effective training of an offshore first aid team involves more than just teaching how to apply bandages or administer CPR.  An EMS Assist medic will carefully curate a site specific first aid training program designed to prepare the team to respond to medical emergencies and injuries at the worksite.

EMS Assist medics will deliver a range of engaging practical and theoretical training covering relevant topics including (but not limited to) first person on scene, basic life support, airway management, stop the bleed and back and spinal injuries.

A well-trained first aid team can help offshore medics to respond to emergencies more effectively, reducing the risk of long-term harm to the patient. In addition to improving patient outcomes in the event of an emergency, having a well-trained first aid team can boost employee morale as employees feel more valued when they know their employer has taken steps to protect their health and safety.


Leadership is critically important for first aid teams offshore as responding to emergencies in high-risk environments can be complex and challenging.

EMS Assist offshore medics have demonstrable leadership skills and can provide clear direction and make effective decisions quickly in response to emergency situations. In addition, EMS Assist offshore medics provide support and motivation, ensuring that team members feel valued and engaged in their roles and have the necessary skills and training to deliver.

A leader who is skilled in communication can help to ensure that first aid team members understand their roles and responsibilities and are able to work together effectively.

Emergency Preparedness

The first aid team will often be the first responders to the scene in a medical emergency or incident and being prepared for such an event is vital. EMS Assist medics will take the lead role in conducting emergency drills to ensure that the first aid team is ready to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

Drills allow personnel to practice their response to simulated emergencies and can help to identify any potential gaps in emergency preparedness, equipment readiness and team communication that need to be addressed to enhance the medical response capability at the worksite.

A well drilled medical emergency response plan is critical to ensure the medical response team are confident in dealing with any medical emergency scenario and that the best result for the patient is always achieved.


In conclusion, selecting and training a first aid team offshore is essential for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of offshore workforces. Investing in individuals with relevant and engaging training, regular drills, coaching and mentoring and clear direction will give rise to a strong medical response team who are prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency scenario, and most importantly, to provide excellent care to those in need.


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