Safeguarding Marine Life: The Vital Role of Marine Mammal Observers for Offshore Operations.

Marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and seals, are beloved by many people around the world. They are intelligent, social and integral to our marine ecosystems. As our world becomes increasingly dependent on offshore operations, it is more important than ever to consider the impact that these activities have on our marine life.

The noise generated by offshore activities including seismic surveys, pile driving, and underwater construction can be harmful to marine mammals and disrupt their natural behaviours – Marine Mammal Observers play a vital role in safeguarding marine mammals from the impact of such activities.

Marine Mammal Observers are trained professionals who work on offshore operations to identify and document sightings of marine mammals and to monitor their behaviour in response to the offshore activities. Marine Mammal Observers will alert the crew to the presence of marine mammals and work closely with clients to implement appropriate mitigation measures to minimise the risk of harm to the animals.

Marine Mammal Observers work to enforce environmental regulations that protect marine life and are also providing valuable data for researchers to better understand marine mammals, their habitats, behaviours, migration routes and the impact of offshore operations on their populations. This data is critical for informing effective conservation efforts and for developing policies and procedures that protect marine life.

The best Marine Mammal Observers have a number of qualities including strong communication skills, the ability to work long hours conducting very meticulous observation work, a strong commitment to environmental conservation and a good pair of ‘sea legs’.

The work carried out by Marine Mammal Observers is critical in ensuring that the risk of harm to these animals during offshore operations is minimised. By enforcing environmental regulations, contributing to conservation efforts and providing valuable data for research, MMO’s are playing a vital role in protecting our oceans and the marine life that inhabits them.

Thank you to all MMO’s in the field for the important work that you do and your dedication to the protection of our oceans and natural resources.

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