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We would like to thank everyone for the huge amount of support we’ve received since launching EMS Assist. We are excited to build our company and provide excellent services for our clients as well as steadfast support for our valued personnel in the field. We pledge to our customers and personnel that we will stay true to our values of integrity, agility, humility and quality as the company expands and develops.

Why EMS?

In forming our company, we identified our key strengths and areas of expertise which we categorised into 3 core service areas: Environment, Medical, Safety. (EMS).

The water in our logo represents the industries we serve – customers operating in the offshore oil and gas, renewables and marine sectors. We have chosen a shield to represent the protection that our services aim to offer.

Services Overview:

Environment – Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, and companies are moving towards more sustainable practices with minimised negative environmental impact. EMS Assist are supporting companies in achieving their environmental aims through providing specialist personnel to give onsite expertise and ensure that operations are being conducted in accordance with local environmental guidelines and regulations. We have developed an extensive network of trusted and fully verified Marine Mammal Observers, Passive Acoustic Monitor Operators, Marine Environmental Scientists and Environmental Advisors who can be deployed globally to support our clients at the worksite.

Medical – Having a robust medical service is vital for workforces operating in remote environments. The EMS team has amassed a tremendous amount of experience in delivering medical services to complex projects around the world including Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Our Medical Services Include:

On site medical personnel – All EMS medical personnel are trained to deliver first class onsite medical care as well as promoting health and wellbeing for onsite workers. We have a global network of trusted paramedics, nurses and doctors who are experienced in working in offshore, remote and challenging locations.

Topside Support – Where EMS medical personnel are deployed to a worksite, they are supported with 24/7 telephone access to specialist consultants for medical advice. We have found that having this additional support in place means that more cases can be managed on site without the need for costly medical evacuations. Furthermore, our topside service takes a conservative approach to medicine which leads to fewer recordable cases at the worksite.

Emergency medical assistance – If an injury or illness occurs that requires a higher level of care than what is available onsite, EMS can arrange evacuation and manage a case through to definitive care and repatriation. We have established global networks of air and ground ambulance providers to facilitate getting patients safely to the treatment centres they require.

Medical Emergency Response Plan – Our in-house operations team have a wealth of experience in the compilation and implementation of effective Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP).

Occupational Health Services. – Our occupational health services are tailored to project specific requirements and include:

  • Pre- Employment Medicals
  • Periodic Employment Medicals
  • Health Surveillance
  • Sickness Absence Management Service
  • Return to Work Advisory Service
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Ergonomics
  • Psychosocial Work Environment
  • Health Promotion Campaigns
  • Drug and Alcohol Management
  • Business Health Travel and Vaccinations


Safety – EMS Assist understands that having a strong health and safety culture in the workplace is key to the reduction of accidents and incidents. Our experienced HSE personnel are armed with the knowledge, experience and competence to deliver on the requirements of our client’s safety management systems and ensure safer environments for global workforces. We have experience in deploying HSE Advisors and HSE Client Reps globally.

We hope that this article has given a better understanding of the company and stay tuned to our news page and social media feeds for more posts and information!

To anyone interested joining the EMS team,  you can send a copy of your CV to our friendly recruitment team at

For anyone interested in finding out more about our services, please call or send an email:

+44 (0) 191 537 1629

Thank you again for all of the support and we look forward to a bright future!


Best Wishes,

EMS Team.

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